Availability Online Booking Engine

GuestSuites remains a leader in Hotel Reservation Software by utilizing the best available
online booking engines, making hotel reservation management seamless, quick, and easy.
With our Availability Online Booking Engine, manage online bookings, rate management, room
inventory, and marketing tools all in one place.

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Key Features

Connect with 3rd party OTAs

Connect with 3rd party OTAs

Availability online connects your property with OTAs with exceptional reach such as Trip Advisor. Get your property in front of a wide range of people who are ready to book and stay at your amazing property.

Multiple Display Options

Multiple Display Options

Availability Online has developed 7 intuitive displays to match the needs of your property and your unique audience. Choose the display that works for you, making bookings fast and easy.

Unique Service Tiers

Unique Service Tiers

Whether you run a hotel or a small bed and breakfast, Availability Online has a service plan for you. Offering both a premium and basic plan, this software provides you the opportunity to increase your bookings without breaking the bank.

Who Uses Availability Online?

Availability Online is the perfect solution for small to medium property owners such as bed and breakfasts, luxury inns, motel, vacation rental properties, and camp grounds. With the basic plan costing less than $100 per year and the premium plan costing less than $200 per year, it is the perfect solution to start maximizing conversions at an affordable rate.

Benefits of Availability Online

Trip Advisor Bookings

  • Availability Online is fully integrated with Trip Advisor Bookings providing you a direct connection with the world’s largest travel site. The TripConnect Cost Per Click program provides you commissions free bookings helping you maximize your returns.

Cost Effective

  • Availability Online offers affordable annual fees with the basic plan under $100 and the premium under $200. Additionally, Availability Online provides FREE set-up, zero commissions, and unlimited technical support, so you can start maximizing your returns immediately.

Easy to Use

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee. This intuitive software is easy to use, even for novice users. However, if you do get stuck they are there to help, Availability Online offers unlimited technical support for their valued clients. This booking engine also helps you manage your income with reservation totaling including nightly rates, fees, and taxes.


Availability Online is a web based service, that means you just need to open your browser and start booking. GuestSuites is fully compatible with Availability Online, making your property management process easy. Enter property details, pricing, and all other changes only once and GuestSuites and Availability online will update your information across a range of distribution channels.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Setup
What are the minimum system requirements?
  • Microsoft Windows 7/10
  • IBM Personal Computer or compatible
  • Intel Chips or AMD equivalent (one of the following)
    • Pentium Dual Core
    • Intel Core 2
    • Celeron
    • Core I3,I5,I7
  • 80GB Hard Drive
  • 4GB memory
  • 19” or 24″ display or Touch Screen
  • Network card
  • ________________
  • Apple IOS
  • Macbook Pro, Macbook Air
  • Intel chip or AMD
  • 80 gig
  • 4 gig memory
  • 19 – 24″ screen


What operating systems can I use?

Microsoft Windows
Ask us about iOS/Apple systems

How do I setup GuestSuites?

Our team at GuestSuites will assist you with the initial setup and online setup & training.  TCS will request a basic configuration form via email.  An initial installer file will be generated on the basis of the configuration for your installation.

What add-on enhancements are available to be purchased/ordered?

Refer to Products and Services Menu for full details on enhancement features for you new GuestSuites software.

How do I order add-on products?

Call us direct on (845) 358-9294 ext. 1 to place your order.   For add-on enhancements, call one of our representatives to prepare an online quote for you to process when you are ready.   This is recommended for Interface Add-On Enhancements.  Our representatives will give you a clear introduction to all software products and enhancements.

How much does it cost to purchase the software?

GuestTracker can be very affordable. TCS Hotel management software lists our prices so everyone knows and receives the same prices.  Please feel free to call or e-mail us to setup an online quote for you.  When you are ready to place your order, you’ll have all the details and quotes.   All you need to do is approve the quote and make the payment.

What if I have trouble setting up or downloading the software?

If you are having trouble downloading, it can be a number of issues causing this.   Usually a Firewall or AntiVirus software is blocking the download or warning you to be careful and if you trust the software that is requesting permission to download.  Other AntiVirus software will require you to trust the source of the download.  Windows 10 will warn you as well and request permission to trust the source of the download.

What's the difference between requesting a demo vs downloading the trial?

Web Demo:

Trial Version:

  • Our trial version is the full working version of our latest hotel software release.
  • TCS provide demonstration data, including a few reservations and checked in guests, so you can feel the systems features from the start.
  • TCS will assist you with the installation of the GuestSuites demo download and setup.
  • Call or e-mail TCS from our Demo Page to request a download of our trial demo
Is Shift 4 payment processing secure?

Our GuestSuites Reservation Software is fully integrated with and connected to Shift 4 Secure Payment Processing. Shift 4 supports your Property from the time Guests make a reservation, through check-in, and during check-out. Selecting a bank or processor with the most competitive rates, then setting up a new merchant account or gateway, can be a complicated process.

GuestSuites and Shift 4 Secure Payment Processing connects all your payment services with one discounted all-in-one processing package. For more information, browse our product features.

Is GuestSuites all Cloud based and stored on a Cloud server?

Our cloud-based PMS Anywhere is popular but not required. Many of our Hotels run our GuestSuites on Desktop computers w/o internet. If Cloud based reservation management software is your preference, GuestSuites Cloud, allows you to access your software anytime from anywhere. GT|Cloud is a hotel reservation software that will manage and operate from multiple office locations, or for managers who need access from home or off property. For more information, browse our product features or contact us.